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Chakra Energy Centers with Jill Perry Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Universal Life Energy moves around us, in us, and AS us. Yogis call this energy Prana.

Prana channels into our physical body through seven major centers, called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word and can be translated into wheel or disk. Chakras are not visible to the eye; they are part of our consciousness, our energy or subtle body. These centers have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual qualities.

By opening, balancing, and integrating our chakras, we move into Wholeness.

In this workshop you will go on an exciting journey though the chakras and develop a deep understanding of their characteristics. You will discover the 7 main chakras, their connection to your body and emotional state. You will experience and learn to become more in-tune and aware with your energy or the areas where it might be blocked.

You will find ways to support and balance the chakras, learn techniques to ground yourself, and open to a happier life full of potential. Understanding the chakras will give you a greater understanding of yourself, your true nature and ways to express your divine essence.

If you already have knowledge about the chakras, this workshop will expand your horizons!

Suitable for all physical conditions (minimal movement).

This workshop qualifies for 4 hours of Continuing Education for yoga teachers.

Jill Perry, E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher, YACEP
Saturday, December 9, 1:30 – 5:30 pm.
Early Bird Pricing $30 through December 2; $45 December 3-9


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