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Yves Cedano

Yves Cedano, LMT, RYT200

Yves's interests in the healing arts and the mind body relationship were sparked after several years of devoted Yoga study. The exploration of movement with breath, meditation, and wellness allowed for a discovery of self-love and satisfaction that had previously seemed beyond reach. With a desire to further understand natural healing and compassionate self-care Yves began studies in massage therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. As a licensed practitioner she employs modalities such as Thai Yoga massage, sports and rehabilitative bodywork therapy, and pre-natal bodywork. Shortly after becoming an LMT Yves began training to become a 200 hour registered yoga teacher.

Yves continues to explore the profound and infinite rewards of natural wellness through the practices of Yoga and meditation, mindful eating, marathon running, hiking, rock climbing and receiving massage and bodywork treatments. Yves favorite yoga practices are Yin and therapeutic Yoga, her preferred massage treatment is therapeutic deep tissue.


Yves Cedano instructs the following:
  • Slow and Strong Yoga
    This class is ideal for almost all levels of physical fitness - from the beginner to advanced, or younger to older student - or simply those seeking a more active lifestyle. As we allow ourselves to take our time in a slower-paced yoga practice, we find that our muscles become more supple, our breath deepens, enlivens, and invigorates, and our entire being shifts towards a state of greater balance.

    Liberal use of yoga props will be demonstrated throughout the class. But since this is a moderately active and “flowing” style of yoga, if you are more physically fit or experienced you can forgo the use of some props and aim for a more challenging workout.
    Stay at your own pace, do only what you feel comfortable with, use yoga props, and take breaks whenever YOU need them. Variations will be given for each posture so that the student can tailor the practice to his or her needs, abilities, or physical limitations. Intermediate intensity with some yoga experience recommended.

  • TRX Plus
    TRX is a strength, balance and mobility training system that leverages gravity and bodyweight. The TRX Plus class will focus on stability, flexibility and coordination to deliver a quick and effective total body workout. Training is complemented with targeted yoga stretches for a balanced program that offers effective conditioning and proper recovery methods. Be prepared to sweat to upbeat music and strengthen in this lively and moderately paced class.

  • Power75

  • This 75-minute Vinyasa flow class uses vigorous and creative sequences that will have you move quickly and/or employ long strong holds. Expect balancing, forward-bending, twists and so much more. The class is sweaty, challenging, and never the same twice. Come burn away calories, toxins, and stress. You will leave in the best of yoga stupors. Drive home carefully. This class is recommended for those with yoga experience and not recommended for yogi beginners or those with injuries or special conditions because of its pace and strength.